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ShaharAbout Us

My name is DJ Shahar and I am the founder of DJ Shahar & Co. As a youth I enjoyed the art of music; and in the year 2000 I found a new love for music and a joyous way of connecting to people through DJ'ing events for family and friends. During these years I met and successfully collaborated with other talented artists and musicians, and thus established DJ Shahar & Co. in the year 2007.


Some background

I was Born in Tel Aviv Israel and I am Persian-Israeli. Music, food and traditions celebrated in my home are influenced by an infused Persian-Israeli culture, since my father was born in Israel and my mother was born in Iran. When I was ten years old my family moved to the US. I grew up in Los Angeles and attended Pierce College. I developed my English and Spanish language skills through classes I took and on the job training in the construction business. I graduated from Pierce College with an Associates Degree in Computer Science because technology is a skill I enjoy using and comes naturally to me. I frequently travel and especially to Israel on visits to my family. My assortment of experiences fosters my love for infused diversity of music, hence my pleasure to DJ.


Our Mission

Upon first contact, I provide my customers with outstanding service by someone who actually cares about them and meets with them face to face. Before the Performance, I carefully prepare, review, and confirm that everything is in proper working order and nothing should go wrong. During the performance, we aim at the guests to loose themselves in the the moment just as everyone in the pictures below is doing.

Los Angeles Wedding DJ

Our gift to you.

Events are recorded to assure quality assurance.. and a copy is provided at no extra charge. It's a full HD 1080p video camera with auto zoom and auto photography when it detects a face.  The music, the lighting, the energy, all those beautiful moments captured in FULL high definition for you to enjoy those moments all over again... Forever!!!