Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Professional DJ Services

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Persian Israeli DJ for Birthdays and Kids Party1. What kind of music can you play?     >>      Anything you want!

We can play any kind of music you want because we have the capabilities to access domestic and international music from a vast array of genres. Our current collection includes music from the 1940's to 2013.


*For more information regarding the music we have, please visit the webpage: Music.

2. How much do you charge?

Visit the Wedding page for Wedding Packages. Visit the Bar Mitzvah page for Bar and Bat Mitzvah Packages. Visit the Party Packages for all other events.

3. Can you work with a Live Band?     >>      Absolutely!

It's typical of large events to have a live band and a DJ. The combination of live performance with our DJ service is absolutely phenomenal.

4. Why hire a DJ? Can’t I just improvise?

When using a home sound system, you risk blowing the speakers and ending the party prematurely.

Without a DJ, you will not be able to play requests on the fly, be able to read the crowd, and play the right music to fit the entire crowd.

With a DJ, you can preview the music before playing it to make sure it's the right song.

A DJ will transition music tracks with proper mixing so the crowd can keep on dancing. A DJ has more music than you do!

A DJ knows what he/she is doing!!

5. What is the Benefit of Hiring YOU?

DJ Service includes unlimited consultations.

Our rates are very competitive.

We suggest a playlist based on the timeline, but YOU confirm it, change it, or build your own.

We arrive and finish setup at least one hour before the contracted start time.

Payments can be made in any of the following formats (Check, Cash, Credit Card).

Setup looks professional.

Microphone and Microphone Stand are always included with every DJ service.

Last minute changes are always welcomed and properly implemented.

Our music database contains every track ever listed as top 100 tracks in the Billboard top charts dating all the way back to 1950's.

Our music database contains music from just about every region of the world.

You get 30 days to cancel the contract free and clear.

You get a 4 page contract specifying everything. You are protected.

Our one-of-a-kind Visual FX Combo Pack: a combination of dj lighting, video fx, photo montage, spot light, and more.

Video recording in Full HD (1080p) at no extra charge.

Photography is at no extra charge.

6. Why shouldn’t I just hire a band?

With a DJ, Frank Sinatra will sound like Frank Sinatra, Dean Marin will sound like Dean Martin. Every song will sound the way it should.

With a band, every song will sound about the same: Same singer, same band, same instruments, same everything.

Plus, DJ service costs always much less than hiring a Band. Set-up time for DJ service is also significantly less than a band.

With a DJ, setup location can be virtually anywhere (floor, booth, stage). With a band, setup must be on a big stage.

With a DJ, there is no need for a special form of power outlet. With a band, you will need much electrical power.

A band will not give you huge discounts on other DJ related services such as Video Montage.

Wedding DJ7. What kind of equipment do you have?

The equipment brought to each event is based on the party package selected, venue size, number of guests, location of venue. Regardless, we will always bring Professional DJ equipment built for Professional DJ performance to every we perform at. For detailed information about our equipment, please visit the Equipment page.

8. How will you be dressed at my event?

Casual business to professional business, depending on the event and/or request for a specific attire.

9. What's the minimum / maximum timeframe of service?      >>      None.

There is no minimum or maximum duration of service. We have “all-night” and hourly party packages to choose from. We arrive as early as you like, stay as late as you need us to.

10. Can we meet before booking?      >>      Definitely!

Grand Events such as Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate events, and Engagements have a complex timeline. Therefore, we need to meet in person to identify your needs. Meeting face to face gives helps us choose the right party package for your event. It’s a great opportunity for you to ask questions about anything and everything related to the event. We make it stress-free!

11. Can you play music requests on the fly ? Can you not play a specific type of gender, genre, artist, or type      >>      Yes.

When booking, we sign a 4 page contract that specifies everything including who is allowed to make requests. Most common option is 'any request that is appropriate'. It's your party and we are here to make you happy. Any music request to be played will be played (provided the song is appropriate: specified in contract). Any type of music you do not like, will not be played. That includes genre (rap, hip-hop, rock, metal, etc.) artist (Eminem, Aerosmith, etc.) and gender (male voice, female voice)

12. Can you get music you don't have? Can you rip music from flash sites such as YouTube?      >>      Yes.

Absolutely Yes! We have the resources to get music from anywhere on the internet, legally. Amazon, Yahoo, Rhapsody, iTunes, YouTube, flash Video, etc. We also have the ability to extract music from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Andorid phone, and Windows phone.

13. Do we need to provide you food?      >>      No.

We are there to provide you with awesome DJ services. We are not there to eat your food, nor drink your drinks. In cases where the event lasts longer than 5 hours, we might request a bottle of water.

14. What is deposit amount?      >>      50%.

A service contract is not in effect until the reservation fee of 50% is paid.

15. What can you guarantee me?      >>      See below / visit Guarantee

You are guaranteed to have a successful event. For more information rereading our guarantee, please visit Guaranteed Success.

16. How are you keeping up with Technology?      >>      See below / visit Technology

We research Technology in so many ways, an entire web page had to be created. Please visit the page Technology for more information.

17. What if I have another question?      >>      Call us at 818.692.4357

Feel free to call us anytime with any questions. For more contact information, please visit the Contact.