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Los Angeles DJ Guarantee

All events are guaranteed to be successful. Music is always up to date and can play random song request on the fly by simply asking the DJ to play a specific song, provided the DJ or you (the client) deems it appropriate. Equipment answers to high standards and passes them with flying colors. All clients and guests are treated with respect at all times, no matter what! Music tracks are faded smoothly from one song to the other to keep the dance floor pumping with out any interruptions. Music selection moves from one style to another to accommodate guests of all ages and cultures. There is always High Energy and Lots of Fun with Great Service. We have been in the business long enough to know what works and what to watch out for. Put your faith in us and call us now to schedule a meeting and make you a star 818.692.4357


We are The Los Angeles DJ mixing American, Persian, Latin, Israeli, and Arabic hits to make all of our events successful. GUARANTEED!


Contact us today to schedule a meeting and make you a star: 818.692.4357

As a DJ Thinks

You think, therefore you act, therefore you are not only explains the DJ service as a whole, it also predicts the end result of your experience with that service provider. As a DJ thinks and prepares for the event, the formula for the event is slowly calculated. A good DJ not only prepares in advance, he prepares accordingly. To prepare accordingly, the DJ must know what to expect. In order for the DJ to know what to expect, the DJ would have to have had a meeting with you, the star, the client, and have a full and clear understanding of what you are looking for, what your guests are looking for, what DJ styles, event timeline, and music selection would perfectly match your event.


We believe that event planning is the first and biggest step to having a successful event. Planning out the timeline for an entire event by yourself may prove to be quiet difficult and may cause some people to avoid this crucial step all together. Since we are a team of passionate performers that love performing and making parties insanely successful, we invite you to have a fun time planning out your entire event with us. And unlike other DJ service providers who “include” a one hour meeting in their service package, we will sit down with you and plan out your event no matter how long it takes... before we sign the DJ service contract.


Now you know what the first step to a successful event is. Be it Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or Corporate event. Never sign a contract, until you know what you want and know that you are getting what you want.


From the time we first met, DJ Shahar was professional, easy to work with, and did an amazing job! When it comes to a wedding, there are so many details involved. There is nothing better than having a great DJ who is organized, dependable, and ultimately works with such integrity. Our guests danced all night and had a wonderful time! Across all ages, all of our guests gave us compliments on the music, which is really key to throwing a memorable party. I would recommend DJ Shahar to anyone.

 -- Henry Goldberg.

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