Los Angeles Israeli DJ mixing Hebrew Jewish Israeli music in Los Angeles CA.

Israeli DJ

Israeli DJ mixing Hebrew Israeli Jewish music in Los Angeles CA.

Los Angeles Israeli DJ


Israeli DJ, Jewish DJ, Hassidic DJ, Hebrew DJLos Angeles Israeli DJ Speak Hebrew

You are in great care with Los Angeles DJ Shahar & Co. for Israeli DJ Service. We provide the best Israeli, Jewish, Hebrew, Hassidic DJ service in Los Angeles, California. We are constantly seeking all the new hits of Israeli music in all styles and genres so you will have the most up to date music at your event.


Below are some terms usually associated with the word Israeli.


Working with Israeli Bands

Los Angeles DJ Shahar & Co. has worked with some of the most popular singers and musicians in Los Angeles. InJoy Orchestra, Adam Yasou, and Pini Cohen to name a few.


Israeli DJ Service

In Bereshit (Genesis), HaShem (G-D) declares Yakov (Jacob) the son of Itzhak (Issac) to be named Israel and the land belonging to Israel to be named after him. So, the name of the country is Israel and every individual born in Israel is an Israeli. DJ Shahar was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and is therefore an authentic Israeli.


Jewish DJ Service

There are different levels of being Jewish. So, naturally there are different styles acceptable to each level. On one side we have the Ultra Orthodox Jews. These are individuals not allowed to neither hear nor listen music with female singers because it conflicts with Biblical laws. On the other hand we have Reformed Jews where Biblical laws are not so strict. Los Angeles DJ Shahar & Co. provides outstanding music for all Yehudim (Jewish Individuals) regardless of how religious they are. To learn more about Judaism, please visit the Wikipedia page about Judaism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judaism


Hebrew DJ Service

Originally the word Hebrew referred to someone from a far off land. Now, the word Hebrew is a language; and in the country of Israel, Hebrew is the primary language. DJ Shahar is an Israeli who was born and raised in Israel. Although he left the country of Israel at the age of 10, he still speaks, reads, prays, and DJ's in Hebrew.


Hassidic DJ Service

Khasidi (Hassidic in Hebrew) is a degree of Judaism on the Orthodox side. Music must be praising HaShem (G-D) throughout. Also, since Hassidic music is on the Orthodox side, female singers are not allowed.


Israeli Music

To see a short list of our Israeli music, please visit the page: Hebrew Israeli Jewish Hassidic music library